[Street food] Delicious grill Hida beef “Zensuke”

Delicious Charcoaled Gohei rice cake& Skewered Hida Beef in “Zensuke”


Zensuke is a snack and souvenir shop near the Nagaseke in Shirakawa-go.


The popular menu here are the “Skewered Hida Beef” and “Charcoaled Gohei rice cake”. The Gohei rice cake is one of the famous local food in Hida. It’s making by the non glutinous rice and pressed into a flat oval mold. Then, the master grills it using the charcoal fire and lastly, spreading the miso soy sauce and finish!


The master grilling the foods very carefully over charcoal.

Here also have Kushi-dango (skewered dumplings) in two different flavours. One is the soy sauce flavour and the other one is the baked misoand sesame flavour. It looks very yummy too!

The skewered Hida beef was very tender and juicy! And thegohei rice cake tastes very special that unlike the sticky traditional rice cake, and with the condensed mellow flavour miso soy sauce that’s the reason it became the best selling snack of Chu-bu area in Japan!


Let’s get some rest while eating the snacks on the bench of Zensuke.


Various flavours  ice cream, like vanilla, green tea, strawberry, coffee, black sesame, etc., are also provided.

Zensuke also is a souvenir shop. You could buy some Shirakawa-go local snacks and  t-shirts here.

Inside the shop, you could find some cute and local souvenir here.


Don’t miss the Hida limited beef flavour photo chips. Itis very famous!

Tourists claimed that the snacks of Zensuke was their best choice in Shirakawa-go! Don’t miss it when you come to Shirakawa-go!

Zensuke (ぜん助)
Address: Ogimachi 804, Shirakawa village