[Hotel] Yummy yummy dinner & breakfast minshuku in Shirakawago “Gensaku”

Once you stay at Gensaku you would like to come again!
Because taste of dinner is yummy and plenty dishes like ryokan.

Gensaku is located at the center of Shirakawa-go village, is a historical (320 years) gassho-zukuri house.

Gensaku01It takes 7-8 minutes from the bus terminal by foot.

Gensaku02The reception of Gensaku is at the right-hand side of the entrance.
You can get a 100 yen discount ticket of the “Gassho zukuri Minkaen
In addition, you can get the onsen discount ticket here, too.

Gensaku04 Gensaku03You can see the poster of “Caution! Bear sometimes comes to village!” in Japanese and English.
However, don’t worry about it.
Please be caution that the night time in the village is a little dangerous, therefore you had better not go out.

Most of all Minshuku in Shirakawa-go have the rain boots rental service for the guests.

Gensaku04 Gensaku05Since Gensaku has only 4 tatami rooms, the booking the sooner, the better.
Every room have the basic equipment like electric heater, boiler, tea set, coat hanger, mirror, etc.

Gensaku06The owner, Etsuko san, cooks yummy dinner and breakfast using local vegetable and rice.
Sometimes you maybe see her grandchildren to help Etsuko san.
All guests will have the dinner and breakfast at the dinning room together.

Gensaku07Dinner of Gensaku includes Hida beef, grilled fish, tofu and the vegetable tempura, etc.
Therefore eating traditional dinner and breakfast in the gassho-zukuri house is an unforgettable experience!
What’s more, you can see carps in the pond in front of dinning room if the weather is fine during breakfast.

Gensaku08“Hida Beef!”
Of course, they can change other main dish if you cannot eat beef!!


Share toilet and bathroom.
(there are shampoo, conditioner and small towels in the bathroom. and also hair dryer.)
Please don’t forget to bring your own toothbrush and toothpaste.
Most of all minshuku don’t prepare toothbrush set.

A little tips:
the tatami floor is very fragile especially the edge of mat, so it will be hurt easily if people drag their suitcases on the tatami floor.
And please don’t speak loudly at night because the wall between the rooms are very thin.

Minshuku Gensaku (源作)
Address: Ogimachi 221, Shirakawa village, Ono, Gifu prefecture
Check in  :15:00〜
Check out:〜09:00