What is Gassho Travel??

Welcome to our website, Gassho Travel !!

Gassho Travel(GT) is a media that provides information about Shirakawago and Gakoyama.
The staff of GT visits Shirakawago once or twice a month in order to discover the local charming points.

shirakawa village summer

The beginning of GT started by a conversation between the landlady of Gassho style house
in Shirakawago / Gakoyama and GT staff ”Small Bear”.

The following is the conversation at that time.

small bear
How’s everything??
My back always hurts due to my age especially in winter.
It gets harder and harder to maintain the daily operation of the hostel now.
small bear
Is there a heir for this place?
This is what annoys me a lot.
small bear
Guests from Japan and all around the world come here to enjoy their holiday,
didn’t you think of finding a heir for this hostel?
Maintaining the operation of the hostel is more difficult than what you imagine.

And then she tells me her daily routine as below;

05:30 Wake up
06:00 Prepare breakfast for the guests
07:00 Get ready to take grandchild to school
07:10 Sort out FAX
07:20 Set the table
07:30 Serve breakfast
09:00 Check out
09:30 Clean the guest rooms
10:30 Clean the bathroom
11:00 Laundry
11:30 Buy ingredients
12:30 Lunch
13:00 Handle booking calls / Arrange bookings
14:30 Ready for Check-in
15:00 Check-in
16:30 Prepare dinner
18:30 Serve dinner
19:00 Have dinner with family while the guests are having dinner
19:20 Make the beds
20:00 Set the table after dinner
21:00 Help the grandchild with his/her homework
22:00 Bath
24:00 Go to bed

Having such a busy schedule, no wonder her body cannot take it anymore.
The number of overseas guests have been increasing recently as well,
problems like misunderstanding due to different languages used and canceling booking
without contact in advance have increased.

Although there are various problems, we managed to ask some of the overseas guests a few questions.
They said that they came here as they were attracted by the blogs that introduce Shirakawago.
However, some of the bloggers received money by writing blogs so the content may not be trustworthy.
Many tourists can only find out the true situation when they come to Shirakawa Gokayama by themselves.

① Hope to help with the operations of Gassho style house

② Provide correct information to overseas guests

③ Deliver guests’ messages to villagers

In order to achieve ② and ③, a media like GT has been created.
Please tell us about your precious opinion anytime!!

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