[Hotel] At Takayama/Kanazawa

Accommodations near Takayama stations

For all the travelers that want to attend the light-up event but not able to stay in Shirakawa-go, we are going to introduce the accommodations in Takayama area.
We picked these accommodations that are near train and bus station and ranking by the reviews, by clicking the pictures you can enter the booking.com website for more details and book it directly.

The needs toward accommodations are various people by people, these are some examples for you. Hope everyone can find their ideal staying place.

honjin hiranoya annexhonjin hiranoya kachoan
Although it’s a little bit expensive, it’s perfect for a big family (about 5 people). They provide nice onsen, delicious dinner. And the location is near to every attraction. There is a little distance from the train station but they have pick-up service as long as you contact the Ryokan in advance. They provide nice amenities and staffs speaks fluent English.

iori stay

About 10 minutes on foot from the train station. If you are a person fancy about vintage decorations, and old house it’s a suitable place for you. They renew the old Japanese house and start running the guesthouse in 2015, and they provide nice breakfast. What’s more, the location also near main attractions in Takayama area.

cup of tea

It’s a stylish place near Jinya for solo travelers, but they not only have dorm room but also family rooms. People have to share the public shower, however, there is a public bath (Sento) just in the front of the hostel. It’s a good place to meet new friends, and the only disadvantage is it has poor sound insulation.

wat hotel & spa hotel

Near JR train station, about 3 minutes walk. Location is very convenient, newly open, new decoration and stylish, not only offer public onsen but also free private onsen. It’s a place with both convenience and quality.

oyado koto no yumeNear JR train station and Nohi bus station, also 3 minutes by walk. Provide western and Japanese breakfast, and also provide various Yukata that you can try on. It’s an ideal place for the travelers who want to experience pure Japanese services.

cafe soyPick-up service, nice environment, stylish, clean and quiet. If you are a hipster, then you won’t want to miss such a cultural place like this.


Accommodations near Kanazawa station

Compare with Takayama, there are more accommodations in Kanazawa, however, it takes a longer time to go to Shirakawa-go from Kanazawa (about 80 minutes). Therefore, please notice that when you come back from the light-up event, it might be too late to take a bus. So taking a taxi or staying at a hotel that near the train station is a better alternative.

inova kanazawa stationIt’s an apartment hotel that suitable for family, it is well-equipped including a laundry machine, dryer, and even a Balmuda oven. What’s more, they also offer parking lots. This hotel is 8 minutes away from JR station by walking, and there’s a supermarket nearby, it’s a very convenient place to stay.

This hotel is a little bit far from JR station, after return from the light-up event, it might be too late to take the bus, therefore you might need to take a taxi. But it is well designed, stylish and good value for money, there are a nice restaurant and a cafe on the first floor. It’s a hipster place to stay in Kanazawa.

It’s a hotel that combines Japanese traditional and modern style, beautiful and elegant. Its location is near all the main attractions and takes about 15 minutes from the JR train station by car. They provide meals and parking spaces, it’s a place that suitable for self-driving travelers.

Good services, nice room, good location, and it’s running by a hotel franchise group, therefore it has a stable quality and good value for money.

A guesthouse that near JR station, simple design, clean and good value for money.

It’s a cute place, the first floor is a wind bell store and rooms are on the second floor. You can rent the whole house, it is a well-equipped place, and they also provide bicycle renting service.


Accommodation in Hida


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