[Street food] A nice hot summer solution “Yuinosato”

Shirakawago restaurant

“Yuinosato” means the taste of hometown

Shirakawago restaurant

When you come to Shirakawa-go, if you get off the bus at the bus stop and walking along the main street, then turn right at the corner of heading to Gassho-Zukuri Minkaen, before going across the bridge you will see a little shop, this is the store that we are going to introduce “Yuinosato”.

This little Gassho-style food shop was renewed by a warehouse, just newly open for a year or more, and it’s running by a beauty owner Keiko san. This is a small shop that would never let you down.


This is the beautiful owner Keiko san, I should have put this as the first photo of this article.

Keiko san is a cute and hospitality person, at her shop she provides various nice street food and drinks, not only sweet things but also some delicious cuisines. The shop is in the middle of the Shirakawa-go, where is a convenient place, no matter it’s in summer or winter, you can come and take a rest here before heading to your next destinations.

The cute little Gassho Zukuri shop, renewed by a warehouse

They offer Onigiri (Bake rice ball), Grill Hida beef, grill fish, ice cream, and Hida beef Koreke (a kind of fried beef and potato ball).

A perfect place for summer

You can order from this window, and if you have any garbage please bring it back here, let’s try to maintain and keep this little village clean.

In the summertime, they provide ice cream and shaved ice which is the must-eat thing for Japanese during summer.

The flavors are strawberry, lemon, melon, mango, and matcha (Japanese green tea), each is 350 yen. If you would like some condensed milk as toping it’s 50 yen, with ice cream would be 100 yen.

Have a cup of shaved ice is the comfort food during the hot summer time.

In the front of the little shop, there is a sink full of cool water and cold drinks.

There are Coca-Cola, Lemonade, Shirakawa-go tea, water, and orange juice.

Except for the bottle drinks, there are some other drinks that you can order, the most recommended one is the ice cream coffee and Shirakawa-go beer.

If you are interested in the beer you can give it a go and tell me to compare with the Kanazawa beer which one do you prefer. What’s more, they also offer some hot Japanese sake and corn porridge for winter time.

There are hot/ice coffee, hot/ice latte, hot/ice cappuccino, hot/ice matcha (Japanese green tea), ice cream coffee. For alcohol, there are Beer, Shirakawa-go beer, Hida Nodobu (usual drink it cold), and Hourai sake (usually drink it hot).

As I mentioned above, the Shirakawago beer and the Hida Nodobu sake is the local beer that only sold in Shirakawa-go area.

The Hida Nodobu sake is the Nigori sake, which is a kind of alcohol that preserved sake dregs, therefore it tastes a bit sweet and you can also taste the thick flavor from the original ingredients.

Local street food

Besides, never forget the beef yaki (BBQ) and grill fish, it’s the local street food that you don’t want to miss it.

Keiko san (the owner san) use A5 wagyu beef, you can choose a different part of beef 1. The shoulder 2. The upper chuck. And it takes 5 minutes to grill, so please wait a moment.

A nice food for winter time, and it’s also one of the most popular dishes. The grill fish that takes 4 minutes, but it’s worth to wait.

There are several seats in the front of the shop, after order it’s a good place for you to take a rest, enjoy the delicious food and listen to the sound of the river, watching people passing by, then finish the whole bottle of the Shirakawa-go beer as ending.

If you come to Shirakawa-go remember to visit this little shop and enjoy the different local atmosphere here.