[Attraction] Must see! The world famous attraction – the observation deck

Shirakawago observation deck

The world famous Shirakawago observation deck

Have you ever seem this scenery before?

This is the view seen from the observation deck of Shirakawago.

The scenery change with the season change.

What season do you like?

In winter

In Summer

At night

If you are hungry after arriving Shirakawago, please try some grill Hida beef and ice cream. And remember to come to this famous observation deck. This is a small village and the scenery varies according to the season changes.

There are three different methods to go to the observation deck, by car, public shuttle bus or walking.

If you have enough time here, we recommend you to walk up to the observation deck and then take a shuttle bus back.

Wada house→Observation: it takes about 30 minutes by walking

Here is the information of the public shuttle bus

Shuttle bus 
・One way: 200 yen(adult)
・Please pay when getting off the bus

■ To observation deck(The last bus 15:40)
・Bus stop: In the front of Wada house
・Operation hour: 9:00~15:40
・Every 20 minutes(Departure at every 00,20,40)

■ To Wada house(The last bus 16:10)
・Bus stop: at the parking lot of the observation deck
・Operation hour: 9:10~16:10
・Every 20 mintues(Departure at every 10,30,50)

If you want to go by car, please drive on the route No,360.

Please turn left when you see this sign.

Just drive along the road, then you can reach the observation deck in the end.

If you come to Shirakawago, please save some time to the observation deck.