[Hotel] What is the difference between a Minshuku and a hotel?

Shirakawago minshuku reviews

A Minshuku is different from a hotel.

“How does it feel to stay overnight in a Gassho Zukuri house?”

“I would like to know people’s review of staying Gassho-style house?”


We’ve got a lot of this kind of questions and inquiries, so we asked some reviews from our guests.

But wait! Thus, there would be only positive reviews.


Before listening to the other guests’ reviews, let’s introduce why a Minshuku is different from a hotel.


A minshuku is just like “bed and breakfast” in Japanese, usually, it offers dinner and breakfast if you stay overnight. Staying at Minshuku is an experience to live at locals’ house, therefore a Minshuku is quite different from a hotel.

Let’s introduce the inconveniences of staying at Minshuku:

  1. A minshuku is not a hotel, therefore their equipment and services are not as well prepared as hotels.
  2. The Host could only speak Japanese and the local language, most of them do not understand English.
  3. The Gassho Zukuri house in Shirakawa-go are quite similar and most of them are only with Japanese Sign, therefore please do not make a mistake.
  4. There are no beds in Minshuku, they offer Japanese futon only.
    Shirakawago minshuku reviews

    Japanese futon

  5. There’s only one door between your room and next room, the sound insulation is bad.
  6. There is no lock for each room, you cannot lock your room.
  7. There’s no private toilet and shower room, all the guests need to share a public bathroom and toilets.
  8. There’s no television in the room.
  9. The heaters are in the rooms only, therefore the aisles are cold in winter.
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We apologized that the Minshuku are running by family so that their services are not as well as hotels. But they would try their best to provide their guest the best experience. Almost all the Gassho Zukuri house have more than 150-400 history, therefore staying at here is a completely different living style from cities. Please enjoy it.

Shirakawago minshuku reviews

meow meow
What do you think about staying at Minshuku??
This trip to Shirakawago is our friendship and purpose trip, the whole thing was really nice. Everyone is very helpful, although it’s -7 degrees and snowing outside. All the people in Minshuku including the owner is so heartwarming and friendly. We will surely come here again.



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I would like to know what do you like Minshuku?
The people in Minshuku are very hospitality, we really enjoy our time staying there. However, we spent a long time searching where is our Minshuku. After a few mistakes and asking people, we finally made it. It would be much better if there’s a map of this village. Anyway, we did have a great time in Minshuku.



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Please tell me your experience of staying at Minshuku?
We really enjoy our time in Shirakawa-go. Minshuku “Gensaku” is a nice place to stay and the dinner was also very delicious. Both I and my son are the fans of Hida beef, and my husband loves the pork. Wish we can stay a bit longer. It’s a beautiful place.

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Oh please come again in other season!

We will surely do. I took a lot of photos, I will share with my friends and family that we had a great time here. If we go to Takayama again, we will definitely come to Shirakawa-go and stay at Gassho-style house Minshuku again.

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What do you think about staying at Gassho-style Minshuku?
Yu Ting

We had an unforgettable night. The atmosphere, minshuku, food, and people are so nice. We would strongly recommend here.


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Hi, how was Minshuku?
It’s a unforgettable experience, we will contact you and come back again.

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Do you have anything want to say to the Owner?
Please tell the host the dinner was absolutely fantasitc.

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