[Hotel] Shirakawa-go gassho-zukuri minshuku “Otaya”

“Otaya” , which is located at Ogimachi, Shirakawa-go, is a minshuku that was built in the Japanese traditional architectural method – gassho-zukuri over 170 years ago.
It suits for someone who want to escape the noise of city that is a little far away from the central area of Shirakawa-go.
The traveller may enjoy the moment of silence here.


Next, I would like to show you how to get there from the bus terminal of Shirakawa-go.
It’s the closest minshuku of Shirakawa-go from the bus terminal and it’s just take about 5 minutes.

1. Get off the bus and go to the right hand side of the bus terminal

2. Go Straight

3.  And finally, you could see the sign of “大田屋” and just trun right




Open the door and you will see the place of dining.
The dinner of Otaya normally are served with the Hida beef, tofu hamburger, grilled fish and the vegetable tempura, etc.
And the rice is grown in the field outside the Otaya by the owner of Otaya!
The menu is seasonally changed which means you could try the different favour by season.

There is a special event only in Otaya which is a traditional dance performance during the dinner time.


Are you wondering what’s the usage of the grey’s one built in the central in the last photo?
It is a traditional wood-burning stove. Every traditional minshuku have different style of stove.
And it provided a warming place for traveler resting or chatting with friends by sitting around it especially in winter.


There have five tatami rooms, which is the Japanese style room, with same equipment but with different decoration style inside Otaya. Basic equipment like electric heater, boiler, tea set, coat hanger. And it also provided the electric blanket.


Owner will setting up the bedroom during the dinner time.
As you could see that the minshuku is actually 100% made by
woods, smoking or playing fireworks are both prohibited.

It is very nice that they prepared some snacks like “senbei” for the guest.

They also prepared the Japanese Pajama “Kimono” and towels.

There has a note about the information of the minshuku, e.g. the dinner will started.

Otaya_14 Otaya_15

The wood Hinoki (chamaecyparis obtusa) bathtub is another special point of Otaya.
Chamaecyparis obtusa could make people relax and release the pressure by their typical smell.
It also good for health like improve the blood circulation system.
However, you should share the bathroom and toilet with another guest, this is a difference between the minshuku and ryokan.

Shirakawa-go also has a hot spring that it just take about 10-15 minutes from Otaya.
You could ask the staff of the minshuku if you interested in, they could give you a discount coupon from the original price 700 yen to 500 yen.

A little tips for who would like to stay in these kind of traditional house that the tatami floor is very fragile especially the mat edges, it will hurt if people drag their suitcases on the tatami floor.
Most of the Minshuku of Shirakawa-go have the rainboot rental service for the guest who staying in their house.

Gassho Minshuku Otaya(大田屋)
Address:Ogimachi 1807, Shirakawa village, Ono, Gifu prefecture
Check in  :15:00〜
Check out:09:30〜