[Hotel] TripAdvisor No.1 B&B in Shirakawago | Homely gassho style house “Magoemon”

Homely gassho style house “Magoemon”

Magoemon which is built along the river located at the central area in Shirakawa-go and using the Japanese traditional architectural method – gassho-zukuri to build it up about 280 years ago.


It just take 7-8 minutes from the bus terminal on foot.

Magoemon02First of all, there is a “Genkan”(entrance) which is a place that you take your shoes off here and then put them on the shoe box before entering inside.
This way is not same as hotel style.

Magoemon03And then when you open the door in front of entrance, you see the dining place.
You could see the irori fireplace like a photo to boil water.
In addition, you could see grill fish around the irori fireplace at dinner.

Maybe now you have some questions!
How many minshuku (gassho-style inn) in Shirakawago??
The answer is 19.

A big difference between Magoemon and other minshuku is that Magoemon serves dishes one by one at dinner like ryokan style. 

Magoemon04 Magoemon056 different size of tatami rooms at Magoemon.
Basic equipment like electric heater, boiler, tea set, etc. are all prepared in the room.

They also prepare the Japanese Pajama “Kimono” and towels for you.

Some rooms have fences in winter to prevent the snow coming into the room.
In Summer, you can see the beautiful view from the veranda-like porch! 

Magoemon08Is it beautiful that the river covered by snow in winter when you open window in the morning?
(only 2 rooms limited)

Magoemon10The toilet and bathroom are separated, and of course male / female toilet are also separated.

Magoemon11You could check your weight before bathing and it is not cold that there is a heater inside the changing room in winter.


Basic equipment: Dryer, towels, shampoo, conditioner. (Please bring your own toothbrush and toothpaste.)
Of course they have a shower equipment inside this bathroom.

Gassho-no-yado Magoemon(合掌乃宿 孫右ェ門 )
Address: Ogimachi 360, Shirakawa village, Ono, Gifu prefecture
Check in  :15:00〜
Check out:〜09:30