[Cafe] Handmade goods shop “Shingedo”

Shingedo_01Shingedo is a cafe with handmade goods shop. 

Shingedo_02Sicnce the shop is small it’s relaxed and comfortable place to take a short break in Shirakawago.
And you also enjoy drink a tea / coffee without any noise!!

Shingedo_03The wood-made menu is so cute, right?

Shingedo_04We recommend green tea latte because it probably makes you feel refreshed!!

Shingedo_05You maybe stop walking in the front of Handicrafts space like Japanese paper, Japanese style goods.

Shingedo_06Look at traditional Japanese paper collage (we call Chigirie), the people living in Shirakawago make every card with a differnt view by hand work.

Shingedo_07 Shingedo_08This colorful slippers are also one of the handicraft of Shirakawa-go. Different sizes and color are available.

Shingedo_09Every handicrafts of Shirakawa-go must have this little tag to indicate the name of the producer.

Shingedo_10“Is it look like a chestnut?”
This is a patchwork decoration in Japanese traditional style.


Shingedo_12The owner of Shingedo, ‘Yakko san’ born and grown up in Shirakawa-go, opened this unique cafe with handicraft products in 8 years ago.
You can call her “Yakko san!!”
Apart from just taking photos of the gassho-zukuri house, you could also come to this lovely cafe and find some different special gifts for your family and friends.


Address: Ogimachi 90, Shirakawa village, Ono, Gifu prefecture
Shop hour:10:00~17:30