[Access] Guide of Shirakawa-go Bus Terminal

We will guide you how to go to Shirakawago.
And then you can make a reservation the seats of bus.

No train station in Shirakawago!

So how do you get to Shirakawago??
Bus, is the main transportation to Shirakawago.
You take a bus from Takayama, Kanazawa, Nagoya and Toyama.

Bus Tame table and Fee

Now please follow us to see what’s the inside of bus terminal!

BusTerminal_02First of all, new bus terminal is more convenient the access to the village than the previous one.

And the tourist information centre is also inside the terminal.
At A counter (see the picture above), you make a reservation of seats or buy the ticket to Takayama, Kanazawa, Nagoya by bus.
At B & C counter, you get sightseeing information / map, of course some staff speak English well, don’t worry!

In addition, there also have the rain shoes rental service.
(Same-day return: 500yen; Return in next day: 1,000yen)

BusTerminal_03We recommend if you enjoy to explore the village in Shirakawago without any troublesome, it’s better to leave your heavy luggage here!!

Here are some luggage storage lockers outside bus terminal.
(Middle: 500yen/time; Large(H70*W60*D50): 800yen/time)

Please be noticed that these lockers are only available from 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m.

In case that you would like to keep your luggage over 5 pm,  you ask staff to keep it inside a terminal.
(same price with lockers)

BusTerminal_04Destination of platform 1 is Kanazawa, Toyama, Johana/Takaoka.
*Tips: The arrival and departure of the bus will be announced in Japanese, English and Chinese.

BusTerminal_05Destination of platform 2 is Nagoya, Maki, Hirase-Onsen.

BusTerminal_06Destination of platform 3 is Takayama and Gero.

BusTerminal_08Advance ticket for bus is available one month prior to your arrival date online.
The ticket on-season will be sold out soon, please be careful!!
So we recommend that you make a reservation in advance if you fix the time.

Bus Tame table and Fee

Online reservation

And one more important thing, it’s very tough to carry much luggages on the depth snow in winter…
What’s more the wheel of suitcase is easily damaged by hard snow.

Before coming to Shirakawago, please check FAQ

Shirakawa-go Bus Terminal
Hour: 08:30 – 17:30