[Attraction] Gassho-zukuri Folk Village (Minka-en)


The suspension bridge from the parking of Shirakawa-go, you could see the beautiful gassho-zukuri village “Gassho-zukuri Folk Village”

minkaen_02Admission fee is required. (Adult: 600 yen; Children: 400 yen)

The Gasshozukuri Minkaen preserved 26 gasshozukuri architecture houses and nine of them was listed as the designated important cultural properties by Gifu prefecture.
The watermill, shrine and temple were remained intact and moved to this location.

minkaen_03By following the sign, the first farmhouse will be seen is the “Old Nakano Chojiro Family House”.
It was moved from Kazura and now is a rest station for the tourists.
Also, there is a exhibition of the agricultural cultivation tools in the second floor.

minkaen_04A traditional hearth was built inside the house and it makes the room very warm.
Guests could take a break here.
Here offers hot tea for free and also you could order some traditional Japanese desserts like the red bean soup or ice cream and eat here.

minkaen_05Please feel free to rest in this tatami area.

minkaen_06Buying the traditional hand knitted goods is also a best choice for souvenir. You could find the shop in the first floor.

minkaen_07Climbing up the wood ladder and take a look at the exhibition of the agricultural cultivation tools.
Maybe you could find some interesting things here!

minkaen_08Without any unpleasant noise, only a quiet and tranquil environment you could find here in the Minkaen.
It was a wonderful moment when I saw the view of snow and river.

minkaen_09minkaen_10I think the attracting points of the Minkaen are the simplicity and the nature here.
And the views here you won’t want to miss when you visit.

minkaen_11Besides, “Old Yamashita Haruro Family House”, which is the oldest gashho-zukuri farmhouse built in 18 century, now is opened to public to visit.
It has displayed the places who were living in, like the living room, a place for pray and kitchen, etc.
You could have a experience on woodworking here too!

minkaen_12Compare with the public area outside Minkaen, there were few of people inside it.
It’s maybe the admission fee required here. However, if you would like to walk leisurely or to know more about the history of the beautiful farmhouse.
We are recommended you to come and visit this special outdoor museum “Minkaen”!

Shirakawago Gassho-zukuri Folk Village
Address: Ogimachi 2499, Shirakawa village, Ono, Gifu prefecture
Operation hour: Mar – Nov 08:40~17:00 / Dec – Feb 09:00~16:00
Close: Thursday of 4th week in Dec to Mar
Adult: 600 yen、Child: 400 yen