[Cafe] Gassho-zukuri Cafe “Ochudo”

You cannot find Ochudo if you walk in the village without a lot of attention!!
Because this cafe is also gassho-zukuri and looking from the outside at Ochudo is not same as other one.

Ochudo_01Ochudo sometimes close due to personal reasons.
It’s lucky for you if the cafe opens when you come to Shirakawago.

Ochudo_02Decoration in the front door is the vintage wooden chairs.
Once you open the door the owner ask you how many persons and take you the seats if available.

Ochudo_03You can see not only the historical design but also some modern decoration inside the cafe.

Ochudo_04Look up this lovely and fantastic handmade menu, you see how the owner treasures the customer.
The recommended menu of Ochudo is the original curry rice.
What’s kind of curry rice??nnn?
We will show you later, please wait a little!!

Ochudo_05Suddenly I felt a poetic scenery to see the owner making coffee for the guests.
How delightful encounter for you to come to Shirakawa-go and enter this historical cafe to meet the owner couple!!

Ochudo_06The owner is happy to explain the menu to you.
The special point of “Ochudo” is you can choose the cup you like when you order a coffee.
“Please choose your favorite coffee cup over there!” the owner says.

Ochudo_07There are so many cups in the wall and the shelf, therefore do you look for your suitable cup??

Ochudo_08The most charming place of Ochudo is the irori fireplace (traditional stove) that you can sit around this stove and enjoy the time.

Ochudo_09Yes, curry rice here is so healthy because the rice is brown rice.
Taste is kind of rich and sweet flavor of the milk.

Ochudo_10Thick-cut toast is a classic menu of Japanese cafe.
You find the thick-cut toast with butter and red bean paste.
Red bean paste is excellent with toast!

Ochudo_11Sweet Dumpling, the rice balls in soup with red bean, is also the one of the popular sweets.
You must be curious that why there is only the rice balls when the owner brings the dish for you.
It is because the red bean soup could be refilled by yourself!


Where you can find the delicious red bean soup? The answer is the traditional stove!

Ochudo_13The red bean soup is boiled by charcoal fire that may have a slightly burnt flavor, but it is a nice one.

Ochudo_14Your selected cup express your feeling at the moment during your travel.

Ochudo_15After enjoying the meals in Ochudo, I love Shirakawa-go more than just taking photos around the village.
Ochudo gives you memorable experience during your travel in Shirakawago!

Cafe Ochudo (喫茶落人)
Address: Ogimachi 792, Shirakawa village, Ono, Gifu prefecture
Shop hour: 10:30~17:00