There are two annually events in Shirakawago that attract thousands of travelers. One of the most important event is “the light up” event. It is an activity specially held for tourists, when the whole village have the light up that turns the village into a real fairy tale wonder land. On the other hand, another event held once in a year is for the people living in the village, maybe it’s not as famous as the light-up event, however it’s also a vital festival called “Cloudy Sake Festival”.

The Light Up Event

The light up event is held in every January or February, many people from different countries came to Shirakawago just for it. In winter, the whole little village would be painted in white by the snow, and the atmosphere becomes even more romantic after the light up. If you want to have a walk in this breathtaking world heritage village during the light up period, it would be better to get prepared half years before the event start. All the information would announce half year before the light up event, usually it would be in June or July. All the travel plans (like bus ticket and accommodation etc. can be processed after knowing the light up dates. For further information please see the following articles:

The Cloudy Sake Festival

Every people in the village needs a reason to get drunk, and that’s why “Cloudy Sake Festival” is so important. The Cloudy Sake Festival is held in the middle of October, the purpose is to thank god giving the village a pleasant year and abundant grain harvest. During the festival, tourists not only can see the traditional parade that goes through the whole village, but also can taste the cloudy sake that made of the grain locally grown.

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