[Souvenir] Enjoy Shirakawago Local Sake | Kondo Sake Store

Enjoy Shirakawago Local Sake!!

How about tasting sake in Shirakawago??

shirakawago sake

First of all, Kondo Store is located at the main street, only 5-7 minutes from the bus terminal on foot.
And then you find local souvenir of Shirakawa-go and Takayama here.
In addition, there are some kinds of limited sake only this Kondo store!!


shirakawago sake


shirakawago sake

This Japanese sake with blue glass coming with wooden box cup is good memory for you in Shirakawa-go!
Tasting rice wine with the wooden box cup seems like more delicious than normal glass or cup.

shirakawago sake

“Taste of Four Seasons”, a junmai daiginjo which is a high quality sake.
Junmai Daiginjo use special rice that polished to at least 50% of its original size.
Since this taste is very sweet and mind, it’s easy to drink as soft drink!!
This is only on sale in Kondo store.

shirakawago sake
“Yui-gokoro is also a junmai daiginjo and the taste is dry one, so it’s suitable for sake-expert who likes dry taste.
The unique point of “Yui-gokoro” is utilizing natural water of Shirakawa-go.

shirakawago sake

Furthermore, the owner recommend “Sato” with the dry flavor.
You can enjoy to drink this Sato both cold or hot. 


The senbei, type of Japanese rice crackers, in the box of gassho-zukuri house is very popular for souvenir.

Kondo KondoShoten_09And another rice cracker named “Yui okoshi”, you probably feel soy soyce taste.

KondoFurikake, which is a dried food sprinkled over rice, is a healthy seasoning and could make the rice more tasty.
This furikake is made by miso, radish leaves and mushrooms, etc.

KondoThis potato chip with miso flavor is a rich taste and thick-cut product.
(650 yen for 8 bags)

KondoPopular souvenir – Strawberry coating with white chocolate.


KondoLocal people have pickle with rice at mealtimes.
Probably you have an experience if you stay at minshuku or ryokan in Shirakawago!
Red pickle(turnip) is naturally dried and without any preservative and coloring-free.


Kondo KondoShoten_15Yes, finally, you find a sake tasting space in the right corner in Kondo store.

So it is suitable for you if you would like to try a tasting sake before buying the sake.

KondoEnglish menu is available.
As you may see we already introduced No.3,4,5 of the picture on upper page.

KondoYou probably don’t like sake but Hida Shirakawa-go beer is another choice!!

KondoFor another choice, there also have coffee and milk tea.

Because we went Shirakawago in winter, we cannot find ice cream here.
However, Kondo Store also have the delicious ice cream except winter!!


Kondo Sake Store (今藤商店)
Address: Ogimachi 226, Shirakawa village, Ono, Gifu prefecture
Store hour:09:00~18:00