[Restaurant] Delicious and Warm Restaurant – “Ippukuchina”

Great Atmosphere and Delicious Restaurant – “Ippukuchina”


“Ippukuchina”, a little but comfortable restaurant in Shirakawa-go. Everyone could enjoy the delicious food and great atmosphere with the friendly service here.


Local foods like soba and udon are provided in “ippukuchina”. From curry udon, tenpura udon and vegetable udon or soba, various choices that you could find in the menu. Also, they prepared a English menu for the foreigners.


It is okay that someone who only want to order a soft drink or beer for some rest.


Most of the people might be feeling awkward if they need to share the table with stranger when having lunch or dinner.  But in “Ippukuchina”, maybe you will feel totally different  because of the nice and casual atmosphere in this small but comfortable restaurant.


Curry Hida beef udon – it is richer than other curry udon that I ate before. It’s not salty and smell very good. Eating the curry udon could warming the whole body in winter and giving me energy to continue photographing in snow weather.


Tenpura udon – the soup is so light  and there have a full piece of fried shrimp inside the udon!


The Hida beef croquette is also a famous menu here. The outside is completely dried out, but the inside is still moist.


Many tourists stop by and drink a cup of  Amazake to warming their cold bodies in winter. Amazake, which is a Japan alcoholic drink made from fermented rice that Japanese prepared this hot drink to keep the bodies warm in winter.


To be polite, please don’t use your own bottle to drink the water and tea provided by the restaurant. However, you could use the cups near the tea pot.

Come and enjoy a real country atmosphere in “Ippukuchina”!

Address: Ogimachi 722, Shirakawa village, Ono, Gifu prefecture
Shop hour: 10:00〜16:00