[Restaurant] Chinese soba restaurant – Hakuraku

Chinese soba restaurant – Hakuraku


Hakuraku is a chinese soba restaurant and souvenir shop in the Shirakawa-go’s main street.

Hakuraku_02 Hakuraku_03A traditional refrigerator outside Hakuraku still be used.

Hakuraku_04Open the door and you could see many souvenir inside there. The restaurant is in the innermost part of the shop.

Hakuraku_05It’s a vintage-like restaurant.

Hakuraku_06The popular menu here is the Chinese Soba! You could see the snow-view while eating the Chinese soba here.

Hakuraku_07Size and flavour of the Chinese soba – Normal, lightly spicy, spicy and big size.

Hakuraku_08We have ordered the lightly spicy one’s (750 yen). The soup was perfect and the spicy taste was just matched. You couldn’t help to drink the soap even though you couldn’t eat spicy food!

Hakuraku_09There have many choice in the drink menu. Here you could taste the “amasake”, which is a sweet alcoholic drink made from fermented rice. And this time, let’s us try the original coffee dessert made by Hakuraku – “Red bean coffee”. It  made by the red bean and hot coffee with vanilla ice cream.


The interior decoration and the tableware here could see the feelings of nostalgia for the past.

Hakuraku_11I could not imagine that the sweet taste of red bean is so match with the coffee.

Hakuraku_12Highly recommended that not only buying souvenir here, but also tasting the delicious foods while visiting Shirakawa-go village!

Hakuraku (白楽)
Address: Ogimachi 25-1, Shirakawa village, Ono, Gifu prefecture
Shop hour: 09:00~17:00