[Access] How to take bus from Shirakawa-go to the cities nearby?

How to take bus from Shirakawa-go to the cities nearby?

There are 4 different bus routes running by different bus companies to Shirakawa-go. Please see the map below.

Four different bus routes match the bus time table provided by the Shirakawa-go association, you can check the time table here (time table AB, time table CD).

The Bus routes information

Route A:


  • Time tableA,part of the buses need to reserve in advance.
  • The most frequent route, running by Nohi bus and Hokutetsu company.

Route B:


Route C: Nagoya←→Shirakawa-go

  • Time table B, need reservations
  • Running by Gifu bus, it’s a direct bus departure from Nagoya, 4 buses a day.

Route D:


  • Time table D, non-reserved bus
  • The world heritage bus running by Kaetsuno bus, departure from JR Takaoka and New Takaoka station to Gokayama and Shirakaza-go. 5 buses for weekday, 9 buses for weekend.

*The time able C that didn’t mention is the route from Shirakawa-go to Hirase Onsen, 1 bus a day to go (departure at 17:35), 2 buses for return (8:30 and 9:30), need to make a reservation in advance.

Transportation time and fees

Departure from Shirakawa-go to Travel time Single ticket (yen) Return ticket (yen) Website for making reservation
Kanazawa 75-85 mins 1,850 3,290 reservation required
Takayama 50-57 mins 2,470 4,420 recommend to make reservations
Toyama 80 mins 1,700 3,080 reservation required
Nagoya 3 hr 3,900 7,000 reservation required

*also stop at Gokayama

115-130 mins 1,800 3,500 Non-reserved bus
*Please click the links above to make a reservation at the websites


*For the travelers with ”Takayam and Hokuriku pass”, you cannot make a reservation through website.

Please make a phone call to the bus reservation center directly at Japan time 9 AM-6 PM.

Phone number: +81(0)577-32-1688 (spoken language Japanese and English)

Or make a reservation at ticket office after enter Japan.

Bus time table

If you think the time table that provided by the Shirakawa-go association is too complicated to understand, we have made a simplify one as follow:

Departure from Shirakawa-go to Kanazawa (reservation required)

Running by Departure time Kanazawa train station
Nohi bus 8:50 10:05
Hokuriku railroad bus 10:25 11:50
Hokuriku railroad bus 10:55 12:20
Hokuriku railroad bus 11:25 12:50
Hokuriku railroad bus 12:20 13:35
Nohi bus 13:50 15:05
Hokuriku railroad bus 15:10 16:35
Hokuriku railroad bus 15:55 17:20
Hokuriku railroad bus 16:25 17:50
Hokuriku railroad bus 17:30 18:45


Departure from Shirakawa-go to Takayama (part of the buses are reservation required)

Running by Departure time Takayama Nohi bus station
Nohi bus 6:43 7:50
Hokuriku railroad bus 9:35 10:25
Toyama Chihou railway 10:20 11:10
Nohi bus 10:45 11:52
Nohi bus 11:15 12:05
Toyama Chihou railway 12:05 12:55
Nohi bus 12:35 13:25
Nohi bus 13:15 14:05
Nohi bus 13:30 14:20
Hokuriku railroad bus 14:35 15:25
Nohi bus 15:15 16:05
Nohi bus 16:15 17:20
Nohi bus 17:20 18:10
Nohi bus 17:30 18:35
Nohi bus 19:43 20:48
*The bus highlighted by blue need to reserve in advance, and the one highlighted by orange do not running during weekend.


Departure from Shirakawa-go to Toyama (reservation required)

Running by Departure time Toyama
Nohi bus 9:20 10:40
Nohi bus 13:20 14:40
Toyama Chihou railway 15:30 16:50
Toyama Chihou railway 16:50 18:10


Departure from Shirakawa-go to Nagoya (reservation required)

Departure time Nagoya Meitetsu station
14:20 17:31
15:30 18:19
15:55 18:44
16:30 19:19


The world heritage bus departure from Shirakawa-go to Johana and JR Takaoka

(non-reserved bus)

 Departure time Johana train station Shin Takaoka station Takaoka station
7:00 8:55 9:10
9:15 10:30
10:15 11:30
11:45 13:40 13:55
12:50 14:05
13:50 15:45 16:00
14:45 16:40 16:55
15:35 16:50
16:00 17:55 18:10
*The bus highlighted by orange color only running during weekend

I hope this article can help everyone to has a clearer concept about the buses of Shirakawa-go area. Thanks for reading.

For the bus time table from nearby towns and cities to Shirakawa-go please see the following articles.

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