[Hotel] Accommodation in Kanazawa

accommodation in Kanazawa

The accommodations in Kanazawa

For the travelers who want to attend the light-up event but not able to stay overnight in Shirakawago, we selected some accommodations that have good review and near the train station in Kanazawa. You can enter the booking.com just by clicking the picture for more information and book it directly.


Compare with Takayama, there are more accommodations in Kanazawa, however, it takes a longer time to go to Shirakawa-go from Kanazawa (about 80 minutes). Therefore, please notice that when you come back from the light-up event, it might be too late to take a bus. So taking a taxi or staying at a hotel that near the train station is a better alternative. We categorized accommodations into three different types.




For people who don’t know what to choose you can also check “staff recommends“, these accommodations are selected base on our previous experience.



accommodation in Kanazawa 8 minutes from the JR station. Well-equipped and convenient place
Pick-up service available, nice breakfast and onsen
 Good location, near the train station
Near market, there’s a library in the lobby. Provide free soba and drinks.
A stylish hotel, good amenities, provide bicycle renting
Large room, good breakfast. Near the 21 century museum
Near the market, 15 minutes from JR station. They sell good coffee.
Near JR station, free laundry service and you can choose your own pillows.
Good location, the rooms are comfortable and clean
Good value for money, provide Sento, nice service
Nice location and perfect service.
Near JR station, delicious breakfast and good value for money.
Nice sound insulation, near the main attractions, convenient transportation.
Delicious breakfast, large room,  comfortable bed, and coin laundry



Japanese hotel (Ryokan)

Traditional Japanese Ryokan, public bath, environment clean and comfortable, nice location
Large room, just next to the riverside, delicious Japanese breakfast.


It’s a quiet and stylish well-designed place
  A good place for Japanese experience, provide delicious breakfast and dinner


A luxury experience, provide breakfast and dinner.
Provide delicious breakfast and exquisite dinner.
  A place for experiencing a perfect Japanese hospitality

Guest House


Guest House

Convenient location

The whole house renting

The owner is very nice


A comfortable and well-designed place with a beautiful Japanese backyard.


Good location

  Hostel and Hotel

A nice well-designed and stylish place


Near the station, very convenient

Hotel and Hostel

Provide various room types, near to main attractions


Near the East Higashiyama tea house. Good value for money


Clean and comfortable, and good value for money


Near the riverside with a great river view, rooms are clean and stylish


Nice service, good staffs, and near the train station


Whole house renting, in a quiet place, with kitchen


The old Japanese house renew.


Clean, comfortable and convenient

New decoration, near the main attractions

5 minutes from JR train station. Good value for money


Clean and comfortable Japanese style guesthouse


well equipped


The whole house renting, near Kenrokuen.


Renewed by an old house, nice and friendly staffs.


*picture resource:booking.com official website(Octorber 2018)

Staff recommend

  1. It’s an apartment hotel that suitable for family, it is well-equipped including a laundry machine, dryer, and even a Balmuda oven. What’s more, they also offer parking lots. This hotel is 8 minutes away from JR station by walking, and there’s a supermarket nearby, it’s a very convenient place to stay.

  2. This hotel is a little bit far from JR station, after return from the light-up event, it might be too late to take the bus, therefore you might need to take a taxi. But it is well designed, stylish and good value for money, there are a nice restaurant and a cafe on the first floor. It’s a hipster place to stay in Kanazawa.



  3. It’s a hotel that combines Japanese traditional and modern style, beautiful and elegant. Its location is near all the main attractions and takes about 15 minutes from the JR train station by car. They provide meals and parking spaces, it’s a place that suitable for self-driving travelers.


  4. Good services, nice room, good location, and it’s running by a hotel franchise group, therefore it has a stable quality and good value for money.

  5. A guesthouse that near JR station, simple design, clean and good value for money.

  6. It’s a cute place, the first floor is a wind bell store and rooms are on the second floor. You can rent the whole house, it is a well-equipped place, and they also provide bicycle renting service.