[Access] How to go to Shirakawa-go by bus?

How to go to Shirakawa-go by bus

In this article, I am going to introduce how to take buses from the central (Chubu) cities to Shirakawa-go, and except introducing the locations of bus stations in each city, I will also give you some tips of taking bus in Japan.

As the previous article mentioned, there are four different bus routes to go to Shirakawa-go running by different bus company. Please see the map below.

The Bus routes information

Route A:


Route B:


Route C: Nagoya←→Shirakawa-go

  • Time table B, need reservations
  • Running by Gifu bus, it’s a direct bus departure from Nagoya, 4 buses a day.

Route D:


  • Time table D, non-reserved bus
  • The world heritage bus running by Kaetsuno bus, departure from JR Takaoka and New Takaoka to Gokayama and Shirakaza-go. 5 buses for weekday, 9 buses for weekend.

*The time able C that didn’t mention is the route between Shirakawa-go and Hirase Onsen, 1 bus a day to go to Hirase Onsen (departure at 17:35), 2 buses to go to Shirakawa-go (8:30 and 9:30), need to make a reservation in advance.


Transportation time and fees

Departure from Travel time Single ticket (yen) Return ticket (yen) Website for making reservation
Kanazawa 75-85 mins 1,850 3,290 need reservation
Takayama 50-57 mins 2,470 4,420 recommend to make reservations
Toyama 80 mins 1,700 3,080 need reservation
Nagoya 3 hr 3,900 7,000 need reservation

*also stop at Gokayama

115-130 mins 1,800 3,500 Non-reserved bus


*Please click the links above to make a reservation at the websites

*Online reservation is not available for the travelers with ”Takayam and Hokuriku pass”, please make a phone call or go to ticket office after come to Japan.

Reservation center phone number: +81(0)577-32-1688

(Japanese and English available)

Business hour: Japan time 9 AM-6 PM


Time tables

I have made the simplify time tables of five different bus routes, please click the links below.

  1. Kanazawa←→Shirakawa-go
  2. Takayama←→Shirakawa-go
  3. Toyama←→Shirakawa-go
  4. Nagoya←→Shirakawa-go
  5. Takaoka←→Shirakawa-go


Departure from Kanazawa to Shirakawa-go (reservation required)

(Route A: Kanazawa←→Shirakawa-go←→Takayama)

  • Takes about 75-85 minutes
  • Single ticket is 1,850 yen, return ticket is 3,290 yen
  • You may purchase tickets at Hokutetsu ticket office and take the bus at bus stop No.2 which just in the front of east exit of JR Kanazawa station.

*Maps resource: Takayama Hokuriku pass

Time table

Running by Kanazawa station

Departure time


Arrive time

Hokuriku railroad bus 8:10 9:35
Hokuriku railroad bus 8:40 10:05
Hokuriku railroad bus 9:10 10:35
Hokuriku railroad bus 9:40 11:05
Nohi bus 11:10 12:35
Hokuriku railroad bus 12:40 14:05
Hokuriku railroad bus 13:10 14:35
Hokuriku railroad bus 13:40 15:05
Hokuriku railroad bus 14:40 16:05
Nohi bus 16:00 17:02


Departure from Takayama to Shirakawa-go 

(Route A and Route B, part of buses are reservation required)

  • Takes about 50-57 minutes
  • Single ticket is 2,470 yen, return ticket is 4,420 yen
  • You may purchase tickets and reserve seats at Takayama bus terminal

*Maps resource: Takayama Hokuriku pass


Time table

Running by Takayama bus station

Departure time


Arrive time

Nohi bus 7:50 8:40
Nohi bus 8:20 9:10
Nohi bus 8:50 9:40
Nohi bus 9:50 10:40
Nohi bus 10:50 11:40
Hokuriku railroad bus 11:20 12:10
Nohi bus 11:50 12:57
Nohi bus 12:20 13:10
Nohi bus 12:50 13:40
Nohi bus 13:50 14:57
Toyama Chihou railway 14:30 15:20
Nohi bus 14:50 15:57
Toyama Chihou railway 15:50 16:40
Hokuriku railroad bus 16:30 17:20
Nohi bus 17:50 18:47
Nohi bus 19:00 19:57

*The bus highlighted by blue need to reserve seats in advance, and the one highlighted by orange do not running during weekend.


Departure from Toyama to Shirakawa-go (reservation required)

(Route B: Toyama←→Shirakawa-go←→Takayama)

  • Takes about 80 minutes
  • Single ticket is 1,700 yen, return ticket is 3,080 yen
  • Come out from the South exit of JR Toyama station and you can purchase tickets at Toyama Chihou railway ticket office. Please take the bus at bus stop No.2.


Time table

Running by Toyama

Departure time

Toyama Chihou railway 8:50 10:10
Toyama Chihou railway 10:35 11:55
Nohi bus 12:00 13:20
Nohi bus 18:55 20:15


Departure from Nagoya to Shirakawa-go (reservation required)

(Route C: Nagoya←→Shirakawa-go)

  • Takes about 3 hours
  • Single ticket is 3.900 yen, return ticket is 7,000 yen
  • Access:


  1. If you come from JR Nogoya station: please come out from the “Hirokoji exit”, and find the Meitetsu department store.
2. If you come from Meitetsu Nagoya station: please take the stairs on the left, and then turn right. Turn right again at Starbucks coffee shop and continue straight to the next traffic light.
  • Please go to the entrance of Meitetsu department store where the giant mannequin called “Nana-chan” is, and take the escalator on the right then you will arrive Meitetsu Bus Center.
  • The bus center is on the third floor (Ment’s floor) of Meitetsu department store, and please take the buses at no.7 bus stop.


Time table

Nagoya Meitetsu station

Departure time


Arrive time

8:00 10:51
8:20 11:11
9:00 12:13
9:20 12:11


The world heritage bus departure from Takaoka to Shirakawa-go

(Route D:Takaoka←→Gokayama←→Shirakawa-go) Non-reserved bus

  • Takes about 115-130 minutes
  • Single ticket is 1.800 yen, return ticket is 3,500 yen
  • Access:
  1. From JR Takaoka station, please come out from the North exit and take the buses at bus stop No.7.

2. From Shin-Takaoka JR station (Shinkensen), please come out from the South exit and take the buses at bus stop No.4.

*Map resource: Hokuriku Takayama pass

Time table

Takaoka station Shin Takaoka station Johana train station  Shirakawa-go

Arrive time

7:10 8:25
8:10 9:25
8:10 8:25 9:05 10:20
9:20 9:35 10:15 11:30
11:05 12:20
10:45 11:00 11:40 12:55
12:45 14:00
13:20 13:35 14:15 15:30
16:00 16:15 16:55 18:10

*The bus highlighted by blue color only running during weekend

Hope you enjoy your trip, have fun in Shirakawa-go.